Translations !
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Here is the list of last changes and their justification:

  • ALL challenges have been translated (only 35% were completly translated before). Well I've to admit, not really *all*, I was too lazy to translate /dev/null challenges. However if anyone want to do it he is very welcome :). Because I did all translations by myself, I'm sorry for any mistake that may have been inserted into translations, and I'll assume the whole shame if needed (challenge authors, no worries :p). Don't hesitate to report any error, whether it is a translation mistake, or a fail (such as a constant name displayed and not it's content, who knows, I had to do it quickly...).
    Challenges translations that are located in the /challs/ directory or on the hacking server are displayed in the current display language you chose on the site (logic, isn't it?). If you have problems to get the desired language, please go on the home page and change your language.
    Yes... /facepalm...
  • The challenge "This one is very famous" is moved to /dev/null (too much simulation kills sensation :)).
  • The challenge "A basic vulnerability" in the hacking category became a very bit harder, and then more realistic (it's always a non simulated one).
  • The challenge "Assymmetric Encryption" now worth 3 more points, because it still doesn't have any validation.
  • All Wargame challenges, because currently under-evaluated, worth 3 more points. About that, administration is aware that points management on the site is becoming quite unfair, don't worry. Changes about that are planned for the point system reform.
  • Some banners were added in the "links" part.
  • A few bugs (such as member research) were fixed.