Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, There's still some work to go!
awe, the 14/09/2011 at 18h03Comments (0)

2 new challenges appeared:

shapeshifing, by mego, cracking (saayyy whaaaat ?! Yep, another windows crackme \o/)
Hill CPTA, by vortex, in ... cryptography !

Thanks mego and vortex!

Some challenges'points were updated (the trend is downward).
A preview of modifications is available here.
Some old challenges were over-noted since some other new harder challenges were added, so the problem should be fixed.
Of course, because it still is based on a manual point system, some of you will still find some inconsistencies.
Pending the establishment of the point system's reform, you always can propose your ideas on this thread

A few challenges were also a bit retouched:
- [crypto] RSA Server: modulo bug fixed, thanks Ufox & vortex
- [hacking] Mobile-Downloads: hint added, that should move away from possible wrong tracks
- [hacking] An images gallery: Improvement of the challenge, which is getting more realistic
- [hacking] Authentication: Added some other possible solutions, that lower the guess
- [prog] Chuck Norris Challenge: Autologin bug fixed (not tested)

The challenge "A classical one" [stegano] moved to /dev/null.

Next news with some new wargame levels, we hope.
And it's gonna be legen ... wait for it ...