We need to go deeper
awe, the 28/09/2011 at 10h57Comments (0)

... dary! Legendary!

4 new levels for the wargame!
The two last "classic" levels:
  • The Fridge, a beer overflow (or not?) challenge by 0vercl0k
  • mymalloc, by NiklosKoda
Introduction of the first new "Esoteric" levels:
  • JSExec, by NiklosKoda
  • inception, by NiklosKoda (deeeeeper!)

Esoteric levels introduce a new feature: these levels are not anymore in a "storyline" mode, they all are available once you solved classic10 (mymalloc).
These challenges are not necessarily harder than "classics", the main point is that they are different.

Thanks 0vercl0k & NiklosKoda!