Beach pwning
awe, the 21/07/2012 at 23h07Comments (0)


A few news about the hacking server:
  • Challenge A basic vulnerability, re-developped from scratch, a tiny bit more subtile but sources are provided this time
  • Challenge Authentication, modified to remove all guessy elements
You don't have any pretext to whine and cry it's guessing from now.
I'm listening if you have any suggestion about modifying other challenges (including other categories of course).
Several challenges are likely to be modified soon.
Also, all hacking challenges addresses were changed to become host-based, instead of port-based like previously. It should be a great news for those blocked by their corporate firewall :)

Well, let's present *real* news, heavy hacking challenges :)
  • JohnDog - Hacking - by S3cur3D. (Ed: java sux, you'll soon have another proof :))
  • VIP Web Army II - Hacking - by agix
You have your holiday homework, enjoy spare time and sun to pwn in your cavern :]

Huge thanks to S3cur3D and agix for their challs, and to eLz for betatest.

Have fun !