/dev/nullization of several challenges
awe, the 15/10/2012 at 21h00Comments (0)


This news will probably make some people unhappy, but that's a necessary step to improve the site, and continue to follow the « hacking-spirit » we try to establish in our challenges.

16 challenges (yeah, that's quite a lot) were moved to the /dev/null category, which means they are now worth 0 points.

For more infos, read this thread. (you might need to gtranslate).
Several details are still to be fixed, as the thread explains, and should be established as soon as possible.

My condolences to those that cared about their points, achievement of hard work, but well, you should consider that challenges' purpose is essentially to learn and have fun, so if we remove these challenges, that's because we consider it is "for the greater good". These challenges are anyway still available within the /dev/null category.

See you, next news will hopefully bring *new* challenges :)