Introducing kernelpanic challenges
awe, the 28/06/2013 at 11h39Comments (0)

A new wargame branch just opened: kernelpanic!
These levels are dedicated to exploitation of vulnerabilities inside the kernel.

Currently there is only one level: kstore, offered by S3cur3D. Thanks dude!

Otherwise, the wargame VM was updated quite a bit. We go from a debian 5 lenny VM (thus, not updated for a long time) on x86 to a debian 7 wheezy VM on x86_64, with grsec!

Don't be afraid! ASLR is still deactivated on the whole VM, and all levels are compiled without NX. Grsec was added mostly for its /proc restrictions features, and it shouldn't change levels' exploitability much (PaX isn't used).

The VM is x86_64, but existing challenges are still compiled for x86, with GCC -m32 flag. Now compilation options are in a Makefile within the challenge home directory, rather than in a .spoiler file. Some new tools were also added, such as peda and checksec.

All challenges weren't tested, so don't hesitate to tell me if there is anything wrong, or if the challenge is ok :)

On a completely different subject, the shoutbox was removed, as it has been quite useless for a long time. Now there is a news panel instead.

Edit: Because only one challenge didn't seem to be enough, S3cur3D already offer us a second kernelpanic challenge: sekured! Thanks again \o