Introducing Hardened and Shellcoding wargames
awe, the 30/09/2014 at 23h10Comments (0)

It's been a while with no new challenge... 5 months!
To catch up, I'm glad to announce 5 new challenges!!

2 new wargame branches are emerging:
  • hardened: challenges with (at least) ASLR, NX and SSP, on an x64 VM with grsec and PaX. Finally time to ROP on w3challs! (although, tinypwn was already on this VM and hardened, but it stays in the esoteric branch) ;
  • shellcoding: fucked up challenges that will force you to write your own shellcodes to get yourself out of the most unlikely situations. Prepare your assembly manuals! The inception challenge was thus moved to that branch.
shambles, a crackme by acez
littlefinger, a hardened wargame by awe
ezxml, a hardened wargame by S3cur3D
bubbleshell, a shellcoding wargame by awe
lost, a shellcoding wargame by awe

That should keep the best of you busy for a week... more new levels soon!