awe, the 21/10/2014 at 00h33Comments (0)

The whole steganography category has been moved to /dev/null, to go along with the opinion of the majority (myself in particular, I won't deny it :P), who hasn't found it interesting on W3Challs for quite a while (it doesn't mean the challs were bad though). This also includes the Shape Shifting cracking challenge, which was also tagged #stegano.

I understand that this may be annoying for some of you, however if you like these challenges, they are indeed still present, just not on the front line!
If the authors wish to move their challenges to other websites, no problem on my end.

Moreover, for a completely different reasons, the JSexec wargame challenge also moved to /dev/null, because of the following reasons:
- it has been down for around 2 years now
- the spidermonkey version doesn't exist on Debian anymore (and isn't maintained)
- the API is completely changed
- newer gcc versions have different behaviors, which makes the vuln as it is unexploitable
- different stack/heap layouts
- the wargame architecture has changed, and x86 over amd64 doesn't exactly work as native x86...
- the fact that I was the one responsible to fix it although I didn't solve it -__-
- etc, etc... and perhaps because awe is a fapper ;) < real reason?

It's not impossible that this one would rise from the dead, although I'd prefer to invest this time into creating a new one that would be more up-to-date... hardened esoteric maybe?

Haters gonna hate, fapperz gonna fap. Life goes on.