Major wargame update
awe, the 25/05/2017 at 19h34Comments (0)

The old wargame (where "basic" and "classic" categories are hosted) was recently modernized a bit. For the record that wargame was launched in January 2011, initially on Debian 5 x86 with both ASLR and NX disabled.
Over the years it was moved to a Debian 8 x64 VM, but the challs remained x86 without ASLR/NX.
Since we're now in 2017 and these protections are present everywhere (except on FreeBSD for ASLR *cough*), I've decided to now enable ASLR and NX on (almost) all challs. The VM also moved from Debian 8 to Ubuntu 16.04, which is the usual choice in CTFs.
Many challenges are also now remote instead of local, and the source was adapted whenever necessary. However - even if we're in 2017, heh - the architecture is still x86 and without PIE (so only partial ASLR).
Indeed I wanted to keep a x86 wargame branch without *all* mitigations (just the default ones). Don't worry, you will have plenty enough of x64 soon™, and PIE is much more common there ;)

This doesn't really impact the "basic" category, but it significantly changed the difficulty of several tasks in the "classic" category.
As a result all previous "classic" solves were invalidated, so if you solved it you'll have to solve the new version to get your points back.
To be fair with those that solved the older version, they keep their access to the old afterwards (now moved to /dev/null) - which might help.. or not.
Of course all these challenges were tested and solved, you don't have to worry about that.

I've tried to make it progressive so that those not familiar with ASLR/NX can discover with smaller steps than going directly to ROP.
I know that this will annoy quite a few people, but hopefully you'll enjoy the "hardened classic" version enough to forgive me ;)

Since all classic challenges are now more or less hardened, having a "hardened" category doesn't make sense anymore, therefore it was renamed "linux x64", and "classic" becomes "linux x86".

We recently had a new crypto - singularity - from ThunderLord, which is still waiting for its first solve!
2 new wargames are also available now: ropbaby and netchecker, both from myself.

Haters gonna hate, roppers gonna rop!