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W3Challs is a penetration testing training platform, which offers various computer challenges, in categories related to security: Hacking, Cracking, Wargame, Forensic, Cryptography, Steganography and Programming.

The purpose of this site is to offer realistic challenges, without simulation, and without guessing!

We give you an opportunity to test your skills against our challenges, and even to try to hack the site itself.
Nevertheless, bruteforcing (of challenges, authentication...) or any Denial of Service are forbidden!
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Last news

Last news :

New Web challenges (awe, the 12/05/2016 at 19h36)Comments (0)
It's been a while since last news, although challenges were published in the mean time..
Today we have 3 new challenges in the Hacking category:
  • Beat them all, by agix
  • Take a view by agix
  • privescalator by awe
If you have preferences for the categories of future challenges, let us know! Also note that contributions are still very welcome ;)

Edit: + a new crypto, RandomRSA by ThunderLord!

Moar cookies (awe, the 30/06/2015 at 19h22)Comments (0)
After the death "cryptor" from ThunderLord, noob cryptos from awe :)
2 new crypto challs: CookieCrypt II & CookieCrypt III!

By the way, the site is now full HTTPS/HSTS (not including subdomains), which may have unpredicted consequences (ex: the IRC bot is still connecting in HTTP atm). If you find related bugs, please report them!

hf & bon appetit!

Security Day (awe, the 12/12/2014 at 10h16)Comments (1)
Quick news to announce a security event that will be held in Lille (France) on January 16th, where you'll meet several W3Challs members (some are speakers!).

More info on http://securitydaylille1.github.io/ and #securityday on irc.w3challs.com!
Topics are cool so gogogo ;)

Steganomoar (awe, the 21/10/2014 at 00h33)Comments (0)
The whole steganography category has been moved to /dev/null, to go along with the opinion of the majority (myself in particular, I won't deny it :P), who hasn't found it interesting on W3Challs for quite a while (it doesn't mean the challs were bad though). This also includes the Shape Shifting cracking challenge, which was also tagged #stegano.

I understand that this may be annoying for some of you, however if you like these challenges, they are indeed still present, just not on the front line!
If the authors wish to move their challenges to other websites, no problem on my end.

Moreover, for a completely different reasons, the JSexec wargame challenge also moved to /dev/null, because of the following reasons:
- it has been down for around 2 years now
- the spidermonkey version doesn't exist on Debian anymore (and isn't maintained)
- the API is completely changed
- newer gcc versions have different behaviors, which makes the vuln as it is unexploitable
- different stack/heap layouts
- the wargame architecture has changed, and x86 over amd64 doesn't exactly work as native x86...
- the fact that I was the one responsible to fix it although I didn't solve it -__-
- etc, etc... and perhaps because awe is a fapper ;) < real reason?

It's not impossible that this one would rise from the dead, although I'd prefer to invest this time into creating a new one that would be more up-to-date... hardened esoteric maybe?

Haters gonna hate, fapperz gonna fap. Life goes on.


Introducing Hardened and Shellcoding wargames (awe, the 30/09/2014 at 23h10)Comments (0)
It's been a while with no new challenge... 5 months!
To catch up, I'm glad to announce 5 new challenges!!

2 new wargame branches are emerging:
  • hardened: challenges with (at least) ASLR, NX and SSP, on an x64 VM with grsec and PaX. Finally time to ROP on w3challs! (although, tinypwn was already on this VM and hardened, but it stays in the esoteric branch) ;
  • shellcoding: fucked up challenges that will force you to write your own shellcodes to get yourself out of the most unlikely situations. Prepare your assembly manuals! The inception challenge was thus moved to that branch.
shambles, a crackme by acez
littlefinger, a hardened wargame by awe
ezxml, a hardened wargame by S3cur3D
bubbleshell, a shellcoding wargame by awe
lost, a shellcoding wargame by awe

That should keep the best of you busy for a week... more new levels soon!