Propose a challenge
Propose a challenge
If you have a challenge idea that you think interesting and which principle isn't already on the site, and that is not plagiarized from another site, you can propose it.

If possible, discuss about it in private on IRC with an administration member, it helps to clarify things about your idea.
We study all the proposals.

Your challenge is ready ?
Send a mail at admin[at]w3challs[dot]com, with following informations, in the order :

Author : Your nick on w3challs
Title : Title that you wish for your challenge
Category : Corresponding category
Points : Estimation of number of points
Description : Statement of the challenge, hints included
Password : Validation password hash

Hash your password with this form:

If your challenge contain files, please join them in an unique tarball.

Moreover, if your challenge requires particular execution conditions (especially for programming and hacking), please inform it in your mail.
As well, if we have to configure your challenge, please make a README.txt that explains manipulations to do.

Important : Send your mail from an adress you regularly consult. We will reply on this adress. We'll reply to all proposals. If you don't have any news during the week following your mail, try to find an administrator on IRC.

Note : All challenges are translated in French and English. If you can, we would appreciate you translate it before to send.